NJ Website Design and Development

Is your current site not bringing in business? Does it need a new look? Do you need help with maintenance, or want to update it yourself? There’s a solution for every budget and our up front preparation guarantees great results.

Web Developers Studio caters to businesses, professional services firms, and academics. We’ve also had great success with government, community, and religious groups. We achieve stellar search engine results for our clients.

Call Terri Karp, founder and lead developer of our in-house team, at (551) 579-4865 for a free 20 minute consultation about your project.
No matter what you decide, you'll find the information useful.

Client Sectors

Over the past decade, we've accumulated many happy clients, so we have some insight about what you might need.

Business & Professional

Are you an architect, author, or entrepreneur? That means you’re a busy person. We already have clients in your field, and know the ropes. With sensible pricing and jargon-free explanations we value your time, money and you as a client.

Medical & Lifestyle

"I was wary of a website, as I was never eager to advertise myself. Terri created a site that really reflects who I am and how much of myself I put into helping my patients....I'm so glad she did. I'm proud to let people know it is there."
See Dr Pat Robinson's project or more testimonials.

Financial Services

Presenting your services to the public entails certain governmental requirements. Though not lawyers, we’re probably already familiar with your concerns. We will take on the difficult task of building a site says “Trust me with your money.” Imagery from Angel Oak Financial project.

Libraries & Non-Profit

Nonprofits often allow us to stretch our creativity while doing social good. There’s usually an enormous amount of information to present, so we strive to create an intuitive but unique user experience for each non-profit.
See our work for a Special Education school serving students with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism Spectrum.

The Process

You may not need all these steps and services, but here's a summary of the full spread.


Strategy, Structure, & Branding

When you first contact us, we’ll provide a free twenty minute phone consultation to ensure we’re the best resource for you. If so, we analyze your online competition and plan an SEO strategy that includes brand identity and social media.

During the design and development phase, we may wireframe your pages to create a completely custom presence, or purchase a predesigned template on your behalf to save some bucks. We can help you collect and or construct original copy and images and lay them out with your guidance and sensibilities.

Develop the Product

When you’re satisfied with your website’s look, we can plan an external marketing campaign by applying your new brand identity to associated print materials or distribution. Then we begin the “production phase,” which includes secure hosting on servers that we control.

Hosting with us is certainly not required, but most of our clients opt for this service. Once your website "goes live," we inform the search engines to crawl it and show you how to access the popularity of your site. Most importantly, we visually check our hosted clients websites every single day.


Keeping Current

After development, we provide updates and maintenance as needed, at your direction. Our hosted clients are guaranteed prompt availability, but we have always done work for all previous clients on a reasonably timely basis.

Of course, website creation is a creative, collaborative, iterative endeavor. These steps are common, but not by any means prescriptive. We'll be with you every step, no matter how your web needs evolve, and our hosted clients and coaching clients always have a tech friend on the line.