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You may not need all these steps and services, but here's a summary of the full spread.


When you first contact us, we’ll provide a free twenty minute phone consultation to ensure we’re the best resource for you. (No matter what you decide, you'll probably find the info useful.) If so, we analyze your online competition and plan an SEO strategy that includes brand identity and social media. During the design phase, we may wireframe your pages to create a completely custom presence, or purchase a predesigned template on your behalf to save some bucks. We can help you collect and or construct original copy and images and lay them out with your guidance and sensibilities.


When you’re satisfied that we understand your goals, we start building out the site. Development is a highly iterative process that ensures that you like the way things are moving, and you guide the design. Typically you pay for our work by the hour. Once you're completely delighted, it's time to make our site live! If you don't already have a domain, great. We have ideas about a terrific one for you! We help you buy it, and an account with a well-regarded hosting serivce. We DO NOT own your domain or hosting. YOU hold all the passwords -- as it should be.


With your ongoing permission, we can provide updates and maintenance as needed. WordPress sites typically require regular technical maintenance to keep the up-to-date and safe. We're happy to train you or anyone on your staff to do the routine things we do. Or we can offer you a Service Agreement so you know your site and your investment is well taken care of. We can also offer a Support Agreement to help you create content, troubleshoot, or handle your Social Media requirements.

Of course, website creation is a creative and collaborative endeavor. These steps are common, but not by any means prescriptive. We'll be with you at every step, in case your web needs evolve. You always have a tech friend on the line.

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